July 26, 2011

Microfiber Gloves


 Cleanaholics is shown here on Discovery Home and Health Channel.

For anyone who is a cleaning enthusiast, the show is a must-see show.  However, it was elusive to me 'coz its time slot varies.
If ever I get that opportunity, it would definitely be a show to spend some time alone.

I love the show because cleaning enthusiasts share their tips on   how you can  utilize your  time  between cleaning the house and attending to  family.
Also, it is where I  get to  see the cleaning tools that they use.
While I was at a hardware store, a different kind of rag caught my attention.  It looked familiar to me.  I must have seen it somewhere else.
The rag  was called  Microfiber Rag.  The rag's fiber makes it easy to get the deep-seated dirt.  And because it was in a glove form, you can slip you hands inside,  there is no way that it would fall off  from your hands.
It costs P50 and in a variety of colors.

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