January 20, 2011

How to clean your toilet bowl?

According to Anthea Turner of Perfect Housewife, which I watch regularly, your toilet should be cleaned every single day.

In fact, it should be the cleanest room of the house.  It hits me, my apologies for  I fail to do it every day.

The show is not only enjoyable but more importantly, educational.  Anthea Turner gives you useful tips on proper cleaning of your humble abode. 

One great tip that I recently learned from the show was on how to properly clean toilet bowls.
So, how do you clean your toilet bowl?  Is it first from the inside to outside?  Or, outside first and then inside?

My practice for so long is the first one.  I have always thought that it is was the proper way but I was wrong.

The proper way to clean your toilet bowl should be cleaning the outside first and then, the inside of your bowl.  

So, the next time I clean our toilet, I should do it the proper way.

Ooopsss, guess I have to head to the toilet now, cleaning time!!! Ciao....

ps... don't forget that every time you flush, always put the lid down  (another great tip)

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