December 4, 2010

Fried Ice Cream, anyone?

Ever  heard of Fried  Ice Cream?  Is it possible?  Well, I was asking the same question myself.
I saw this ice cream stall in one of the malls while doing my "window shopping-LOL."   Curious as I was, however,  it did not convince me  yet,  to buy one for me. 

For the second time, I saw again another ice cream stall in another shopping mall.  What got my attention to it was the number of people that were lining up to buy one.  People's patronage of a certain product got me into buying this fried ice cream.  If people took time out to line up, then it must be good.

The machine that they used was similar to the cotton candy maker machine.  They pour the  sweetened liquid over to the big frying pan and spreads them out until it hardens. 

It is served with toppings of your choice.   It costs P25.

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