October 31, 2010

Dinaing na Bangus

Yesterday, I did some grocery shopping.  Dinaing na Bangus has been a constant favorite at home.  But lately, since my father came back from an almost a week stay at the hospital, cooking at home was seen less likely to be done on a daily basis because everybody was still drop-dead tired.

I bought this Dinaing na Bangus from a nearby supermarket.  While my sister was frying it, it was evidently emitting  an obscene smell.  I said that it was just probably normal.
As she started eating, it gave her itchy feelings on her tongue.  I was thinking of bringing it back to the supermarket to inform them about it.  But they said that it was impossible to take it back since we had already used up one piece of the fish.
What mother did was to totally wash the Bangus and again marinated it in vinegar, salt and pepper. 
Well, we haven't tried it yet now, hope it does the work.  The 3-piece Dinaing na Bangus costs P140.

I still believe that I had to inform the supermarket about it, don't you think so?

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