July 29, 2010

Cheaper Dishwashing Liquid and Fabric Softener

Your ever reliable cleaning allies should always be included in your grocery items list.   But we do all know that prices have been increasing incessantly due to global crisis. 

So, what should we do now?  People should always be on the lookout for cheaper but still reliable and recommendable products.

Dishwashing liquids and fabric softeners have always been on the list of our grocery items.  We specifically buy Joy Dishwashing Liquid and Downy Fabric Softener

On our quest for cheaper products, we have been successful scouting for greater finds.  My sister has offered a friend's dishwashing liquid and fabric softener.  Both are home-made and it costs a lot cheaper than the leading brands you find in the supermarkets.

 The dishwashing liquid costs only P40 and fabric softener costs P40 as well.  Their costs are 50% cheaper than the leading brands.
Great find right? 

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