June 29, 2010

Mr. Muscle toilet bowl stick-on cleaning strip


They say that eyes are  the windows to a person's soul.  In one's household, the bathroom becomes a mirror of one's personality.
Of course, everybody knows that you do your own thing  inside the bathroom , flushing all the toxins accumulated inside the body.   Cleaning the bathroom, making it squeaky clean  is one tough job.  Removing the ominous odor is even tougher.  So, how do you do it ?  This is the time that we have to rely on our reliable cleaning solutions.

One great find that is so reliable is the Mr. Muscle Stick-On Toilet Bowling Cleaning Strip.  It cleans your toilet bowl on every flush.  What is even more appealing is the great and fresh odor it emits.
It comes in a small pack of 3s and costs P48.  One cleaning strip is good for 100 flushes.

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