April 8, 2010

Chicken Orange of Chowking

Last Tuesday, when myself and Tintin (my granddaughter) decided to go to Mall of Asia because of the terrible heat (it reached 36C), we found ourselves caught with the bulk of people in almost all of the restaurants.  It appeared to me that most of the people decided to head off to the mall instead of staying in their houses.

Jollibee, as always,  was full.   Jollibee has always been the only thing  in mind every time we go out, since it is very affordable compared to the other restaurants in Mall of Asia.  When Tintin said that she wanted to eat Lumpiang Shanghai, I said to myself , why not try Chowking?

Looking from the outside, it seemed full packed.  It was already past 1pm and my stomach was already making funny noises.  Could it be the my gastric juices are already boiling up?  Aha!   Those were intestinal signals that I really had to satisfy my hunger.

I managed to squeeze myself in.  Tintin immediately saw a vacant table, just good for 2 people.  It was perfect.   I ordered Lumpiang Shanghai for her and the new Orange Chicken  for myself. 

The New Orange Chicken was really good.  The chicken was crispy but very tender on the inside.  The orange bits was something new to me. But I must say that it  does really taste good.  It tastes sweet and a little spicy.  Just perfect for my taste. 

You can try it for yourself.  It only costs P69.

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