March 22, 2010

Making Herbs and Spices Fresh

If others have the habit of stamp collecting and others,  old coins collecting,  me, I love collecting spices.  Though I do not have an individual jar for each of them, I only have them contained on their individual packages and stored in a big plastic jar that is airtight.

I love curry powder the most.  A few months back,  there was still left-over chicken from Tinolang Manok we had for lunch.  What I did was to use the left over chicken and make Chicken Curry out of it.  Voila!!!

Unfortunately, my father is not fond of anything with curry powder.  Well, I loved it and that is all that matters. LOL. 

There are quick and easy tips to make your herbs and spices still running fresh that I learned from Del Monte Kitchenomics . 


  1. Dried herbs and spices will keep for a year if stored in airtight jars away from heat
    and sunlight.
  2. Avoid placing any of our herbs and spices directly above the stove. Heat reduces the
    potency of the spices.
  3. You may also wrap fresh herbs--like lemongrass, pandan, kinchay--loosely in barely
    damp paper towel and sealed in a plastic bag for up to 5 days.

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