February 25, 2010

Pineapple juice is better

When cooking anything that is sweet and sour, we always make use of vinegar.  I do love sweet and sour recipe.  It could be pork , beef or fish, I love it. 

But today, we decided to make use of pineapple instead of vinegar.  Personally, I think that using pineapple is a lot better compared to vinegar though it is more pricey.  I find it too acidic when you use vinegar.  Pineapple has a sweeter taste and the combination of sweetness of sugar and sourness of the pineapple blends well.  The fusion of taste was just great and it will make you salivate for more. Yummy!!!

Pineapple better for Sweet and Sour Recipe

Vinegar tastes too acidic

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