February 19, 2010

My kind of Bathroom Deodorizer

If there is one thing I want how a bathroom should be, aside from making sure that the bathroom is clean, it should smell good.  Of course, we all know that we do our own thing inside the bathroom/toilet.  Making it clean and smelling fresh takes a lot of effort.

What I do is that I make sure I have charcoal inside the bathroom to absorb the foul smelling odor.  Once in a while I use bathroom deodorizer like Albatross.  

Every time I  go inside the  comfort rooms of malls and see how squeaky clean it looks and smells, I would try to ask the cleaning lady what she does to make it smell good.  

There is this thing called Pot Pourri Oil which has to be heated using a small burner and scented tea lights.  I tried it myself and I do love it.  Personally, I prefer the orange scent for its very fresh smell.

Pot Pourri Oil
(costs P89.75)

Scented Tea Lights
(costs P 39.75)
My Lighted Burner

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