February 1, 2010

Fruit Cocktail Salad ala Jules


Last 20 January, my sister celebrated her 32nd birthday.  Unfortunately, I was not at home.When I came home,  I still found one tetra pack of all-purpose cream.  It still stayed untouched for 5 more days.  I was thinking what to do with it.  Its shelf life could still take a few more days but I thought I should already use it to prevent spoilage.  I decided to buy the smallest can of fruit cocktail and condensed milk - and make a fruit salad. 

I preferred mine not to be too much sweet that was why I just settled for the smallest can.  Anyway, there were just three of us at home. All the ingredients that I bought would be good enough for all of us.  I grated the queso de bola still left last Christmas and the taste was just perfect.  My concoction was just right, perfect blending, the way I want it.

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