January 5, 2010

You need cleaning too...

The day after the first Sunday of the Year, The Three Kings, I decided to remove some of the Christmas decorations we have.
Last year, we put them up just right before the dawn masses.  It was unlike the previous years that we spent Christmas.  Before, the moment the months starts ending in BER, we would already put up the Christmas decorations.  But probably because of the global crisis, we decided to decorate late last year.

We kept all the christmas balls in one plastic and had them labeled and stored them inside the cabinet.  Our 5-year-old niece did all the cleaning.  She wanted to do it all by herself.   I knew I took pictures of her while cleaning it. But then when I checked my camera, nothing was there.  What I saw was this:

He he he.  I believe that it is not only decorations that we all have to clean but also her little toes. Not the pretty toes that I used to see. I told her, "you need cleaning too."

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