January 16, 2010

Tuyo at Sinangag

This morning, I woke up late.  My internet browsing time changed.  I used to go online in the afternoon until early evening.  But because there were times that I stayed until 11 PM, my niece suffered her sleeping time.  She could not sleep if I were not with her.  That was when my priority set in.  What was important for me is that she (my niece) gets to sleep earlier than 11 PM.

When I woke up, I found  fried rice on the dining table.  Hmmm, I was feeling very hungry but there seems to be missing.  There was only one thing in my mind that had to go with fried rice (sinangag) and that was fried fish (tuyo)Tuyo and sinangag is my all time favorite breakfast.  When I was younger,  I could eat that all day, from breakfast, lunch and dinner without any complaint.  Waking up with tuyo and sinangag brought me my younger memories. But now, it is much different, black coffee has to go with it.  Hmmm, already feeling hungry.

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