January 11, 2010

My cleaning tools

I need cleaning tools, definitely.

With 3  5 year-old kids around, how can you maintain a clean floor?   They will scatter the floors with their toys and keep them inside their respective boxes after playing.  But of course,  you cannot expect them to clean up their mess totally.  What is left is a dirty floor.  So, how will I maintain a clean floor?  Sought the help online from suite101.com. 

Before, what I did was I  had my pail filled with cleaning detergent and cleaned them by hand.  I did not mind crawling on the floor just to get the deep-seated dirt.  But as the years go by,  I could not manage anymore to get them done.  What I need are cleaning tools.  My brother, one time brought home this mop that he bought in Germany. All you need is a rag that you will stick to the end of the mop and use it to push your rag against the floor.  It is not as clean as getting them done by your bare hands but it helps a lot.

My cleaning tools

Cleaning Detergents

Pardon the stain on the bottom of the wall, it is something I still need to get done.  Any tips on how I can get rid of them?  Any suggested cleaning tools that I can use? 

As you can see the rag used to be white but has obviously become black because of dirt. Yeah, I hear you, I need to throw that rag and replace it.  Consider it done!!!

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