January 13, 2010

Facebook's Cafe World brought me to this blog

Cafe World brought me to this blog.  Yes, you read it right. Cafe World led me here.

I started blogging June 2009 with Making  Money Online as being my first blog.  For starters like me, who knows nothing about codes and stuff, earnings came very slow.  What more, I got busted by Adsense because I promoted PPC sites on that blog.

I decided to come out with another blog.  Since I am fascinated by the showbiz world, I thought why not make a blog about it.  And, Kapamilyang may Puso came to life.  I thought that maybe another blog would not hurt. So I came up with my own venting of anger blog, which is my personal blog and I called it My Mind, Thoughts and Feelings.  It is about  my perception of life in general, and as what I have mentioned, my venting blog.

It came to my attention that other bloggers maintain 8 blogs and still manage to update it. Hmmm,  I toyed with the idea of creating another one.  But the question was, what  topic?  I tried,  but could not come out with an idea and I told myself, don't push it.

To kick off the stress of having a brilliant idea, I played Facebook's Cafe World.  I was new to Cafe World but then I noticed that I was enjoying and getting myself addicted to playing it.

Cafe World, in a way, has semblance to what I enjoy doing, cooking and cleaning.  Gotcha!!!  There you go.   I told myself that this would be the topic for my next blog.

I love cooking and cleaning.    I  may not be as passionate as other people but hey, it relieves me of stress.

So, how did you choose your blog's topic? Some sort of inspiration, I guess. 


Play Cafe World Now

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