December 31, 2009

I am a Cleaning Freak

Some are freaks of something, whether a bag, clothes, shoes, food.  I am a strange one, cleaning  freak.   I am a freak of cleanliness.  Well tell you, not immaculately clean.  But clean in a way that it is in order.  I love to look at clean floors.  Earlier, I saw on home shopping tv a new floor cleaner.  A steam vaccum cleaner that costs P 5,000.  Well, that is too much.  I just wanted to do things unceremoniously.
I have always loved a freshly-scented bathroom.  Floors that are free of hair, and left soap suds that make the floor slippery.

One product that is good in cleaning is baking soda, a reliable  household cleaner. I myself have proven it.   It eliminates floor stains.  What else?  It gets rid of rancid odor of your bathroom.  2 tablespoons mixed with 1/8 cup of water is all you need, just enough to make a paste.  Try it and it really works, all for a cheap price.

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